Appointments 2019

Click here to view the projected appointments for 2019.


A Note About the Appointment Making Process

Appointment Making is a process of prayer, consultation, discernment, and communication about projected appointments. This process began in January and will continue up to Annual Conference when Bishop Bryan will “fix” the appointments for the coming year. The 2019-2020 appointment-making schedule is available here.

“Each year as we approach the appointment-making season, I always do it with a sense of freshness, because every year it is fresh and a bit different … but we are all in this together,” said Bishop Bryan in a video. “I want to remind us, as we approach appointment-making season, of our vision: that we want to be Alive Together in Christ, as Paul says in Ephesians.”

Click here to watch the video.

Re: Making Contact with "Projected" Pastors

The PPR/SPR chair may phone the projected pastor to offer a welcome. Other congregational leaders may do so as well. Site visits by the projected clergy to the newly projected appointment may be planned after May 1.