ERT Basic Certification Training & Chainsaw Training, Nashville
Early Response Team (ERT) Training helps equip individuals and teams to respond in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. The cost for the training is $25 per participant. At the training, participants will receive an ERT training manual and, upon completing the course, will receive an UMCOR ID Badge and a conference ERT t-shirt. Lunch is provided. An UMCOR background check is required before receiving a badge. Information for submitting background checks will be sent to participants. 

There must be at least ten (10) participants to schedule an ERT class. Participants can come from other churches within the community/district/conference. The Conference will help promote online and publish a registration page.

Host church must provide a classroom-style venue, access to projector and screen (instructor will bring own laptop or thumb drive), and one rectangular table for demonstration purposes. Host church will provide simple working lunch (sandwiches, pizza, tea, lemonade — reimbursable at $7.00/person). Pre-registration is required.

ERT Basic Certification Training & Chainsaw Training
Saturday, January 18, 2020: 9 a.m. (Participants must be present by 8:30 a.m.)
Nashville UMC Family Life Center (304 South Berrien Street; Nashville, GA 31639)

Chainsaw Operators Training will begin at 1:30 p.m. at the conclusion of the ERT class. 

Cost is $25 for ERT only, $31 for both ERT and Chainsaw, or $12 for just chainsaw. (For chainsaw only, must be ERT ID card holders). Registration fee covers badge, registration, t-shirt and lunch. For questions, call Susan Hughes, South Central Disaster Response Coordinator, at 229-423-9381 or 229-425-3068.

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