2014 Statistical Tables Now Online

The 2014 Statistical Tables are now available: http://ezra.gcfa.org/login.aspx.  

The following was an email sent out by Dr. Derek McAleer, Administrative Services Director:

If you are serving as pastor of a local church, please note:

Statistical Tables
2014 Statistical Tables are now available: http://ezra.gcfa.org/login.aspx.  

Login Information
Your username is the 6-digit general church number found in parenthesis on your church's apportionment bill. For pastors you will add a "p" to the end of the 6 digit number. For treasurers/financial secretaries you will add an "o" to the end of the 6 digit number.
Your password is 12345678. You will be able to set the password once you login.

Table 1 should be completed by February 27 in order to be included in the evangelism awards at Annual Conference.
Tables 2 & 3 should be completed by March 31.

For questions please call Laura Hatcher at the Administrative Services Office at 800-535-4224 or laura@sgaumcadmin.com.

All this information is available on the conference website at http://www.sgaumc.org/onlineforms
Pastors, please forward this to your church treasurer or other person if they will be doing all or part of the posting of your statistical table.
IF YOU DO NOT POST DATA FOR YOUR TABLE, I will create data and post if for you.  These tables are required, and if you do not do them, then my office must.  Your apportionments will be based on the data from these tables.  I would much, much prefer it be accurate data form you rather than guesswork from me.  Please see that someone in your church does this.
May grace peek over your shoulder and whisper God’s Word in your ear as your prepare to preach this Sunday!