Abuelita's Faith



In the book “Christ our Companion: Toward a Theological Aesthetics of Liberation” there is a compelling story of the author’s grandmother and her faith in God. Roberto S. Goizueta describes the impact that his abuelita (grandmother) had on his life and faith journey.

My own life has been forever changed by the holy lives that Christ used to draw and attract me. As with many Latino and Latinas, for example, my abuelita (grandmother) was the spiritual heart of my family. What I remember most about her – even several years after her death – was her absolute confidence in God. One of her favorite sayings was, “Me conformo.” While there is no English translation of that phrase, and the closet translation would be “I adapt myself,” the literal translation is, of course, “I conform.” “I conform” to whatever God has in store for me; I will allow myself to be formed by God’s will.

The words have lingered with me for several weeks, “Me conformo.”

As you think about your faith journey, whose life impacted you the most, drawing you closer to God?

As you reflect on your ministry today, preacher, teacher, lay ministers of the church, are you allowing yourself to be formed by God’s will?

“Me conformo.”

Dear Lord, let it be so.

Rev. Denise Walton serves as the Assistant to the Bishop for Connectional Ministries. Contact her at denise@sgaumc.org.