Conference Center Update


By Dr. Hal Brady

While watching the recent NBA playoff between Golden State and Cleveland, I saw the camera scan the audience. As usual, there was a person holding that small sign expressing confidence and hope. I love that sign. The sign read, “We Believe!” Of course, the man holding the sign was expressing his faith in his team.

I can’t think of a better message to express the confidence of our Task Force in this dream of a new Conference Center. While we still have a long way to go in our request to have 5,000 South Georgians each give $100, we are well in our way. We are so grateful to the 688 donors who have given $77,311 to date. And we still want to encourage others of you to make your investment in the future of the South Georgia Conference. As the sign says, “We Believe,” and we know that is also true of you.

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