Conference Center Update


By Dr. Hal Brady

The old card catalog in the library reveals an incredible number of books whose titles begin with “The joy of ...”

“The Joy of Sex”

“The Joy of Beauty”

“The Joy of Photography” 

“The Joy of Gardening”

“The Joy of Money”

“The Joy of Cheesecake”

“The Joy of Reading” 

Interesting, isn’t it, that we do not find the title, “The Joy of Giving?” But we already have that book. It’s called the Bible.

At the moment, 749 of you have experienced the special joy of giving to the new Conference Center. The total given to date is $83,321.60, and we are so appreciative. Thank you!

It is our hope that if there is someone special in your Sunday school class, church, or group that you would like to honor or remember that you will consider a naming opportunity in our new Conference Center. Also, Sunday school classes are invited to make special contributions to the project. 

Remember that all this is about glorying God and giving the South Georgia Conference a home.

Click here to donate to the new South Georgia Conference Center.