The number one reason Methodism doesn’t grow



John Wesley believed those Methodist Societies which did not grow had neglected the main reason for their existence which was to spread scriptural holiness throughout the land. He believed that God raised up the Methodist Movement in order to proclaim God’s desire to make believers Christlike in perfect love.

“Are you going on to perfection? Do you expect to be made perfect in love in this life?” John never claimed to be sanctified (perfect in love), but he believed it was possible and that we should strive after it, realizing perfection is not something we accomplish, but that it is given by God. He urged everyone to use the means of grace: prayer, Bible study, holy communion, worship, etc. in order that God, in His grace, may shape us into the image of Christ during our lifetime.

Is your church calling people to Christian perfection?

The Rev. Dave Hanson is a retired pastor and John Wesley scholar.